What are silk lashes?

The general public would love to buy silk lashes, due to the fact they are smooth and reasonably-priced, however they do no longer recognise the real cloth of the Silk Lashes, and nowadays will percentage extra records approximately the silk lashes.

silk lashes
silk lashes

The general public think that they’re made via the actual silk, comes from the cocoon of the silkworm, and they must be finer and greater herbal-searching than Plastic Lashes or artificial Lashes.

What number of fashion silk lashes in the market?

There are fundamental fashion silk lashes in the marketplace:

First, Silk strip lashes

There are mainly 3 popular silk strip lashes in the marketplace, if your customer love silk strip they will love them:

First,3D silk lashes

3D Silk Lashes could be very famous in the marketplace, all the 3-D silk lashes have ideal 3D effect, blend with your actual lashes fur thoroughly.

Second, natural silk lashes

Most woman love brief herbal silk lashes to make a natural eye make-up searching, the herbal silk lashes is from 8mm to 18mm length, if you love and want to buy reasonably-priced wholesale silk lashes, you may contact us by way of WhatsApp, we will send our lashes catalog to you.

Third, Dramatic silk lashes

Dramatic silk lashes is longer than natural silk lashes, generally 20mm to 25mm lengthy, to make a long dramatic eye makeup.

Second, Silk lash extensions

Silk Lash extension could be very popular if you love lash extension, they’re both cheap and smooth, no allergy chance.

In order that maximum girl would like to apply the lash extension with Silk individual Lashes.

individual lashes
individual lashes

How a great deal do silk lashes value?

As you recognize, silk lashes is too much inexpensive than the mink lashes and a little bit greater pricey than plastic lashes or synthetic lashes.

In case you buy silk strip lashes, with a view to value from 0.5 usd to2 usd every pair, in case you buy bulk orders, the greater the inexpensive.

And in case you purchase silk lash extension, with a purpose to be 1.2 usd to two.88 usd in keeping with your order.

If you do your custom lash packaging and card, so that it will be a little greater costly that the everyday packaging.

Execs and CONS of the silk lash extensions


First, No allergies

The silk material belong to sterile substances, if you have allergic reactions with real mink fur, you can pick out Silk Eyelash.

Can select herbal looking or dramatic fashion, depending at the thickness and curl you select.

Preserving the curl very well
Long-lasting when applied efficaciously
Very versatile

You can pick out exceptional colors, matte and shiny finish, etc.


A few materials producers will pick some unknow material and awful materials and mark them as the real silk lashes.

Silk lashes VS Mink Lashes

If you have sensitive pores and skin, maybe you can pick the silk lashes, a few human beings are allergic to mink lashes.

And, the silk fabric is lots gentle than mink lashes, in case you need to buy a cozy lashes, you may select silk lashes.

Besides, the cost of the silk lashes is much inexpensive than mink lashes, in case you buy silk strip lashes, you can even alternate exclusive fashion each day!

Wherein to shop for cheap wholesale silk lashes?

Silk lashes seller Avou Lashes
We deliver reasonably-priced wholesale silk lashes to many nations customer, we are one of the quality silk lashes manufacturer in the market, cognizance on luxurious lashes for extra than 10 years.

If you love luxury brilliant silk lashes, you may touch us thru WhatsApp, we are able to send you our catalog and loose sample to you, regardless of which Lashes factory you pick out, you need to check the pleasant and sample first, and then take a look at your market, you will have a proper purchase.

Extra data approximately the silk lashes, please sense free touch us, we will attempt our best that will help you, and if you need to buy cheap wholesale excellent lashes, please let us realize, we can send free lashes pattern to you first, after which you can make Bulk Silk Lashes order later.

I do consider you will love our luxurious silk lashes.

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