13MM Natural Mink Lashes

These are our new 13mm mink eyelashes.
Our firm is always trying to create new eyelash designs to meet the demands of more consumers.

lashes packagings
Lashes Packaging

Lately, we have obtained a great deal of comments from consumers who claim that their customers desire lighter, a lot more all-natural, much shorter styles.

Natural Lashes
Natural Lashes

There is a great deal of consumers that use glasses that desire shorter lashes that don’t disrupt using the glasses.

As a professional Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor, we right away began to create much shorter, lighter and also more natural eyelash styles. Hence, DR collection was born.

They provide an excellent option for all-natural naked make-up and are better for daily wear and for young girls.

We have released 16 various styles for you to choose, the most prominent ones are DR09, DR11 as well as DR16, you can also select according to your own choices, you think more popular and also extra stunning style!

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